The Third Isfahan Seminar on Representations of Algebras

November 20-22, 2018
University of Isfahan, Department of Mathematics, Seminar Room

● Objectives

The representation theory of finite dimensional algebras started in the 1970s, when quivers became popular and methods from homological algebra led to new concepts. There are beautiful connections to Lie theory, algebraic geometry, quantum groups, singularities, cluster algebras etc. It is now a very active and fast growing topics and attracted a large group of researchers all around the word.

The aim of the third Isfahan Seminar on Representations of Algebras (ISRA-3) is to bring together researchers interested to new topics in Representation Theory of Algebras to develop interaction, collaboration and the exchange of the ideas.

The plenary lecturer this year will be Professor Peter Jørgensen from Newcastle University, UK. He will deliver three one hour lectures at the seminar.

● Call for Papers

If you are interested to have a 30 minutes presentation, please submit a pdf file containing the title and abstract of your lecture by email to "".

● Plenary Speaker
• Peter Jørgensen, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
● Contributed talks speakers
• Payam Bahiraei, University of Guilan, Iran

• Abdolnaser Bahlekeh, Gonbad Kavous University, Iran

• Hossein Eshraghi, University of Kashan, Iran

• Fahimeh Sadat Fotuhy, University of Isfahan, Iran

• Rasool Hafezi, IPM, Iran

• Ali Mahin Fallah, IPM, Iran

• Zahra Nazemian, IPM, Iran

• Amin Nemathbakhsh, IPM, Iran

• Arash Sadeghi, IPM, Iran

• Mohsen Shekari, University of Isfahan, Iran

• Malihe Yousofzadeh, University of Isfahan and IPM-Isfahan, Iran
● Organizing Committee
• Javad Asadollahi, University of Isfahan and IPM-Isfahan, Iran

• Rasool Hafezi, IPM-Isfahan, Iran

• Razieh Vahed, University of Khansar and IPM-Isfahan, Iran
● Important Dates
• Registration Deadline: July 12, 2019 (Tir 21, 1398)

● Contact
• Razieh Vahed
Email: vahed[at]ipm[dot]ir
Department of Mathematics, َUniversity of Khansar, Khansar, Iran.

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